"I moved to San Francisco about nine months ago and decided I needed a coach if I wanted to get faster. After searching around the internet for different coaches I meet with a few coaches, including Matt McCourtney. Matt’s easy-going approach, deep commitment, and understanding of work/life fit well with my goals.

After talking and riding with Matt, we decided it would be good to end my cross season early and get going on road and really prepare for cross 2012. This is my first season of road, but we set a lofty goal of trying to get me to Cat 3 before June. This included 10 mandatory Cat 5 races.

Matt is awesome! He encouraged me when I needed it and checked some of my enthusiasm when I was breaking my training plan. He understood when I needed to spend some family time or needed a slight mental break. My almost daily questions, dilemmas, and updates have been met with amazing knowledge and dedication. Under his guidance, I went from Cat 5 to Cat 3 on the road in less than 3 months of racing. Needless to say, I am feeling strong and looking forward to cross season!"
--John E.

"I was introduced to Whole Athlete by a competitive cyclist though my primary sport is long-distance running. An athlete since childhood, I have had dozens of Coach / Athlete experiences. None of them compare to my experience working with Jeri Howland.

We began our work together with a stride analysis and an exploration of my personal goals. Jeri is a terrific listener and an amazing motivator with what seems an unlimited bank of energy. She regularly draws from a deep well of knowledge as an accomplished endurance athlete to help me overcome insecurities, aches and pains, nutrition deficiences and performance frustrations. Jeri has helped me to stay healthy and to transcend my own mental barriers to run longer and stronger. She has introduced me to cross-training on the bike and entertained (even encouraged) my fantasy of evolving into a mulit-sport athlete. I have learned to train more efficiently and have logged more miles and faster splits than I ever thought possible. I hear Jeri when I'm running - she's in my head. Her words carry me through the rough patches of my routes and when I doubt my ability to complete an assigned workout. She is a master at designing a customized training schedule that both challenges and rewards me every week. Jeri is familiar with the challenges of fitting dedicated training into already fragile work / life / family balances. While it is unlikely that I will ever grace an official race podium, Jeri's passion for guiding me to my own podium, to set and achieve my personal goals and to carry my accomplishments with pride is infectious.
--Matt K.

John Bennett
John Bennett

"I began working with Dario Fredrick and the Whole Athlete coaching program in March of 2008.  That was 3 years ago last month.  Working with Dario has been an amazing experience.  He took me on at an entry level of fitness and has always treated me as though I was his most valuable client.  Looking back on my training I can see a clear and gradual increase in my weekly hours and the level of intensity in my training.  Over the course of three year Dario has brought me from a beginning level rider to a national caliber athlete.

In addition to excellent coaching, Whole Athlete offers a unique method of performance testing.  I can happily say that I have never had a mask strapped to my face or had to give blood during a performance test.

The most time that I have spent at the Whole Athlete Performance Center has been spent perfecting my bike fit.  Dario has a keen eye for small details. In five minutes Dario assessed that I needed wedges in my shoes and pedal washes to adjust my pedal stroke.  My knees have been pain free ever since. I have been fit on my road, mountain and time trial bikes and I feel powerful and comfortable on all three. Small corrections and great attention to detail are what make Whole Athlete and Dario Fredrick stand out as one of the best coaching and cycling fitting options available.  It has been an enjoyable and exciting experience working with Dario and Whole Athlete, and one that I’m sure will continue for many years to come.  I cannot more highly recommend the Whole Athlete coaching and fitting programs."

Steven Cozza
Professional Cyclist

"If you want to reach you maximum physical and mental potential then Whole Athlete is the place to be. I have dreams of winning a big one day classic and riding the Tour De France. I can see and feel that dream turning more into reality now that I am working with Dario at Whole Athlete.

In every workout I do, I am completely confident. They are thought out and perfected for me to reach my goals and peaks for the year. I am so excited to see what I can do this season with the improvements I’ve seen just over the winter. Not only has Dario helped me with my fitness he has helped me with proper bike fit, nutrition, yoga and my mental attitude.

The coaching relationship I have with Whole Athlete is truly a Body, Mind and Spirit experience. I can say now that I have the confidence to win any race that I want to.

Thank you Dario and all the Whole Athlete Crew."

Johannes Krautz
Amateur Road Racer

"I just wanted to thank you guys and Whole Athlete for an incredible racing season. I had the following goals for the past season when I signed up with Whole Athlete:

  1. Maintain life balance - check, did 24 races and by the end of the season, wife was even proud of how I was doing in races. Trained less hours than last season.
  2. Upgrade to Cat 3 - check, happened mid-season
  3. Get on the podium at least once - check
  4. Complete a stage race - check
  5. Find out my strengths and weaknesses as a racer - check, strength is definitely flattish RRs and Circuit Races

So Whole Athlete helped me accomplish the following this past season: 10 podium (top 5) finishes, 17 top 10s (out of 24 races!), two 1st place, three 2nd place, one 3rd place, two 4th places, two 5th places. That's pretty much beyond my wildest hopes of what I ever thought was possible before I joined Whole Athlete. I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me accomplish the above - it definitely would not have been possible without you (as evidenced by only 2 top 10s and no podiums in 21 races the previous season). Peter - your balanced approach to planning my schedule, ability to squeeze the most out of my limited training schedule, specific tactical advice for local races, and general knowledge on training/racing/recovery has been invaluable and the cornerstone of my results this season. Dario - thanks for founding such an incredible coaching center and for the expert bike fits. Looking forward to the 2011 season!"

Amanda Eaken
Elite Amateur Cyclist

"I just wanted to say thanks for all of the time you have taken with me this year fitting the bike, testing, etc. Your committment to professionalism is unparalleled in my experience and it makes you a truly valuable asset in the cycling world. All the training finally paid off this weekend when I nabbed first place at Fort Ord- - winning the district RR championships!
Very exciting!

Thanks again."

Jo Ann Clark

"Before coming to Whole Athlete I thought I could manage the multisport lifestyle and coach myself. As a result, without understanding the concept of periodization or trusting the benefits of tapering, I went into each event physically exhausted and mentally fatigued. My performance suffered and so did my love for triathlon.

Immediately coming into WA Dario completed a performance assessment, bike fit & swim stroke analysis. Then I was turned over to the care of Dusty Roady. She took me to the track for a running form analysis and strength training workout that took minutes off my run time. Dusty also recommended several books on how to develop my neglected "mental game".

Working with Dusty has changed my life. She knows her stuff, is a true professional & understands me as an athlete. She knows exactly what to say to challenge, encourage and inspire me. Dusty is always available by phone, email, and appointment. She makes me feel like I am her #1 priority. My training plans are customized at my level-- always challenging and stretching my ability as an athlete. I now go into races fully prepared, rested and motivated to succeed.

Dusty has such confidence in my ability that she encouraged me to try more challenging races. Before being coached by Dusty, I would have never considered doing big events like Escape from Alcatraz & the Ford Ironman 70.3 series. And, I would have never felt the success of accomplishment as I did when I qualified for the 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater!

Thanks to Dario, Dusty and WA I know I will be ready to perform my best at Clearwater and in all of my races! WA has changed me into a complete, balanced, whole athlete. "

Michael Hutchinson
Multiple National Champion

"I've known Dario for 5 years and he has helped my cycling so much over the years that in 2007, we had our best season to date. Dario's workouts were very well thought out and helpful with my peaking for Nationals (1st in TT & Crit & 2nd in RR) and then Worlds Master Championships where I placed 3rd in the
time trial.

Thanks to Dario and his staff, Whole Athlete is my one-stop shop for every detail - nutrition, training programs, fitting, & testing. There are so may coaches to choose from, for me there is only one: Dario@wholeathlete.com"

Brett Ortiz

Brett Ortiz
Road Cyclist

"I can't say enough positive things about being a Whole Athlete client. Whether it's a performance analysis or email correspondence, I am always treated with professionalism and respect by Dario and his staff. Working with coach Lisa Hunt for over three years has been an absolute pleasure. I look forward to each month's new workouts, knowing that they will be interesting, challenging and fun. She takes into account my family and personal time so that I can make the most of each session. Lisa has coached me through my first ride to Stinson Beach, and now, through my first bike racing season, always with amazing patience and a much needed sense of humor. I could not have accomplished these and many other milestones without her. I have complete trust and faith that Lisa and Whole Athlete will help me set and achieve many goals for years to come."

Rick Kalb
MTB & Road Cyclist

"When I decided to try Bicycle racing 7 years ago I knew that I had no idea how to train to be competitive in a bike race, so I hired a coach (not Dario) and did ok, but I was burnt out a lot and kept on getting sick all the time. So I went with another coach (not Dario) same thing but worse, constant burn out and over trained. Then I heard about Dario and gave him a call, he talked with me for a while and convinced me to make the drive down to take his test. I was impressed with him and his ideas on how I could be faster AND healthier!

I joined the Whole Athlete program and used his services for the next few years and .....Had much better results and I was much healthier! It is great to not be in a constant state of over training. I did not want to have anything to do with the whole Yoga thing that Dario is so in to, mostly because I'm made out of cement and hate to stretch. Well, my tight muscles caught up with me and I had to do something about the constant hip pain, ( this is after a cortizone shot) so I finally broke down and started going to yoga classes each week. For the first time in my 48 years I can actually touch my toes and all of pain in my hip is gone. I've continued the yoga for 3 years now and it has changed my body, most of the aches and pains are gone and it really does speed up the recovery after hard efforts!"

Jason Williams
Elite Amateur Cyclist

"I highly recommend the coaching program of Whole Athlete. I have followed the program closely since the beginning of the 2003 season, and I have seen significant improvement in my cycling ability each year. Most importantly, in 2005, I was finally able to achieve my personal goal of upgrading to category 2. I have been (and continue to be) highly impressed with the professionalism, dedication, and enthusiasm with which Whole Athlete runs its coaching business.

On a more personal note, John Hunt has been my coach since I started the program, and I can not say enough positive things about him.

The personal attention and feedback I received from him on a weekly basis is awesome. Furthermore, his depth of knowledge and experience of both training correctly and racing is absolutely amazing. There is no doubt in my mind that his tutelage and guidance has been the primary factor that has enabled me to reach my personal goal.

Perhaps the best endorsement I can give is to communicate that I have enthusiastically decided to continue in the Whole Athlete program for the foreseeable future.

Jackie Periera
Amateur Road & MTB Cyclist

"I have been Mountain bike racing for years, but in 2005 in my third season as a road racer, I broke my leg badly. I started training at whole athlete with Lisa Hunt during my recovery. Thanks to her coaching, I came back stronger then ever.

I’ve been very impressed with Dario’s knowledge and professionalism, and the quality of the Whole Athlete program. The bike fitting he did for me made a huge difference. If you want to improve your form, develop your skills, and become stronger, Whole Athlete is the place to go. I highly recommend them.

I want to say a big Thank You to Dario and Lisa for what you guys did for me and for getting me back to racing and feeling so great and strong. You are the best!!!!"

Bob Farese, M.D.
Avid Cyclist & Research MD

"If you are looking for a coach to improve your fitness, whether for competition or general well being, I highly recommend Dario Fredrick and the Whole Athlete™ program. Dario’s experiences make him uniquely qualified. He has years of experience in competitive cycling, swimming, and triathlons. He has a wealth of knowledge in exercise physiology. And he has extensive experience in practicing and teaching yoga, which has greatly influenced his balanced and "holistic" approach to training. I don’t think you can find a better qualified coach.

The Whole Athlete program is challenging but rewarding. Working with Dario, I greatly improved my fitness and my cycling skills. I also learned about training, yoga, and a few things about myself. It has been a great experience."

Damon Kluck
Former Professional Cyclist - US Postal & Discovery Teams

"Dario and I were training partners during the mid-90's, so in 2003 when I was looking for a solution to rehabilitating an injury and finding my top form again he was an obvious choice as coach. His "whole athlete" approach has really helped me improve the quality of my training, diet and recovery.

In my first races back from injury in 2003, I noticed the benefits right away with a strong performance at the San Francisco Grand Prix and in completing my first World Cup race at Paris-Tours. I highly recommend Dario and the Whole Athlete program to anyone looking to improve their training and racing performance."

Mark Christian
Elite amateur cyclist

"Does holistic coaching work? Well, I emphatically say yes! Since joining the Whole Athlete program, not only have my athletic endeavors improved, but more importantly, my life has improved. 

If asked to describe the program in one word, it would be balance...For the amateur athlete like myself, who must juggle a 40+ hour work week, training and social activities, the advice & program design has been invaluable."

Will Longstreth
Elite Amateur Cyclist

"When I first started working with Dario I had no idea of the steps needed to reach my cycling goals. After having raced for 5 seasons and reached a Cat2 ranking I had hit a wall, mentally and physically, and was driving myself into the ground trying everything to get better.

After starting the Whole Athlete program Dario helped me to understand the real aspects of training, competition, yoga, mental focus, and what it takes to improve in any of these fields.

He helped me to take a step back and look at the bigger picture, while still taking into account all the details that make the difference. Which has lead not only improved quality of training and racing (I have a lot more fun now!), an increase of Max Steady State power of almost 25%, and an improved quality of life.

I would recommend this program to anyone looking to improve their performance in competition, and also to anyone that is looking to have fun with any sort of physical activity or a better understanding of the way their body works. I could go on and on into the intricacies of my whole athlete experience, but the bottom line is I don’t think I could have made the physical and personal gains with any other coach, and I still consider myself as having a long way to go before I come even close to being a whole athlete."

Meredith Miller
Professional cyclist

"With Dario’s input and advice as a coach and a well-informed exercise physiologist, I was able to train through the highs and lows of the season and felt happy with what I was doing and how I was performing. Dario kept me on task at all times and was always available to answer my seemingly endless questions, whether it was about mind or body.

Psychologically, when I would question myself and my abilities, he discreetly guided me back on track with sound, objective advice. Because of his own success as an athlete and from his education, Dario knew exactly what to say to ease my worries.

In addition to writing my monthly programs, Dario also helped me work on my body through his extensive knowledge of yoga. Dario went the extra mile to teach me yoga poses to keep my body in top form on and off the bike. This year my body didn’t die in the middle of June.

Dario’s holistic approach to coaching is one that worked for me. His program helped me grow as a cyclist, on and off the bike. I will carry Dario’s ideas, advice, and friendship with me for a long time to come."

"Just a quick note to thank you and Peter for your help with my training program.  The preparation for the Leadville Trail 100 mountain bike event exceeded my expectations enabling me to ride hard and finish the event feeling strong.

My time of 10 hours, 44 minutes placed me in the top 1/3 of all the participants and within my goal of a 10-11 hour finish (which was definitely possible if not for the amount of people on some of the climbs and slow decenters!)

Thank you both again for providing me with the tools which enable me to more than meet my expectations for what can only be described as a truly epic event."

-- Pete Lenzi, Road & MTB Cyclist


"I started strength training with Coach Dusty Roady 3 years ago and am amazed at the difference it has made in my performance, energy, and body. I’ve lost 10 pounds, I didn’t think it would be possible and last year, had my top performances in triathlon in 6 years.

Working with Dusty has been the key No program has ever worked so well to keep me fit and motivated. She is a delight to work with, encouraging and inspiring and motivating. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer and fitness coach and am grateful to her for the positive changes she’s helped me make in my life. She has tailored my workouts and offered nutritional advice which I’ve followed and it has paid off in ways I never expected."

-- Margaret, Triathlete & Nurse

"I didn't get a chance to thank you for the swim clinic yesterday. Your tip to look a little forward in the pool made a dramatic difference. From watching videos and reading various articles, I learned to look straight down at the bottom of the pool. But this one tip made a world of difference in being able to stay near the surface instead of swimming completely under water. Also, now I can see if I'm going to run into another swimmer when I circle swim."

-- Conrad Chan, Triathletet

"I am a 20 year old Cat. 2 cyclist. I recently came across your article on motivation. Over the past couple of years I have struggled to find the form that I had as a junior. As a very serious and analytical athlete, I strived to make sure that I did everything possible to improve my performance (nutrition, training, psychology, etc.) I became obsessed and began an unhealthy relationship with the sport, unable to do anything but dwell on training harder to improve my lack of performance.

This past summer I finally cracked and lost all motivation. Your article seemed to speak to my case exactly and has given me hope to regain a healthy and productive relationship with the sport I love. I look forward to working with an organization of great minded people like yourself."

-- Chris, Road Cyclist


"Thanks so much for the terrific swim lesson and your responsive follow-up on the stroke analysis and drills. I now have a much better understanding of the stroke fundamentals and am committed to creating a discipline every time I get into the pool such that I maximize propulsion and minimize resistance."

-- Mike, Triathlete


"I wanted to say thanks for the yoga poses, they're really helping and the bike fits are working out great. I thought I was pretty dialed in before, but pleasantly surprised what a difference your recommendations made. The changes were instantly recognizable. My pedal action felt more fluid and on the road/trail my comfort, power and speed are up.

I appreciated your honest opinion, attention to detail and that nothing was rushed or overlooked. Its reassuring to have a contact who clearly understands the body, on and off the bike, and how to integrate the two with great accuracy. I wish I had come to see you earlier!"

-- Greg, road & MTB cyclist


"I can't thank you enough for this bike fit! I took an extra long way to get back home -- and this is after riding over the Marshall Wall -- because I can't believe how good it feels to ride that bike! I had banished it to local trips only because I was so uncomfortable on it. Now I think I may put the dirt tires back on it and go have some fun!"

-- Katie, road, MTB cyclist


"I'm not a competitive cyclist, so I was a bit apprehensive about going to Whole Athlete for a bike fitting. All those racer types who are young and strong don't quite match with a middle aged female. A cycling friend recommended Dario, so I decided I'd spend the money, even though I had previously paid for a professional bike fit elsewhere and still had lots of discomfort on long rides.

Dario made some simple, subtle changes in the fit of my bike and with my shoes that have made a big difference in my comfort level, such as trading my handlebars in for a narrower version. No one had ever measured my shoulder width or suggested this to me. I also received some great tips on improving my cycling.

Dario and Peter also referred me to a prosthetic specialist, Brett VanNatta, for some challenging cleat placement on one of my shoes, which involved moving a cleat to the heel portion of the shoe, due to orthopedic problems. Wow! My power and endurance have significantly improved! I plan to return to Whole Athlete when I purchase a new bike next year. With my meaurements and Dario's notes already in his computer, he'll be able to direct me to the best bike for my needs. Definitely money well spent! "

-- Judy, road cyclist


"Just wanted to give you an update on the bike fit that you did for me on my road bike and mountain bike...Everything is terrific!

I did an 80 mile road ride on Saturday and kicked ASS. I felt much more comfortable on the bike, and was not as sore as I would normally be after riding hard for 80 miles.

On Sunday I rode on the mountain and did a lot of climbing. My position felt much more natural and climbing up rocky ridge and rock springs was definitely easier!

Thanks very much for your help!"

-- Tim, road, MTB, cyclocross racer


"It's absolutely amazing. I feel so much more comfortable... feels like a new bike. Everything feels better...the seat, the pedals, and handle bars. For one thing, I was putting a lot of the weight on the handlebars before....now I'm in perfect balance...like you said.."neutral". I'm sure my power on the pedals has improved with the change in seat height and cleat position. I didn't realize how much energy I was wasting before. What a difference! I couldn't believe how effortless it was going up Camino Alto in zone 1. I definitely should have had the bike fit before I got tested...I bet I'd have higher power numbers now. Thanks a lot."

-- Victor, cycling enthusiast


"I wanted to write to you and tell you how things were going with my knee and new fit. After our last session, I took almost two weeks off the bike to let my knee heal. After that, I eased back into riding and liberally used the anti-inflammatory massage oil. That was back in January. At first the knee was still a bit tender, but I have now been riding and racing for the last few weeks, and I feel great. The knee feels strong, and I feel comfortable and powerful on the bike. Thanks for taking the extra time with me to ensure that I could find a cure for my knee problem. "

-- Matthew, road racer


"Let me just say....Holy Crap! It feels like I'm riding a whole new bike. The hamstrings at the tops of my knees don't burn anymore and I actually feel all the leg muscles engaging. Funny how that works when fitted properly...I also tried some short distance with higher power to see how my body would feel. My legs wanted to keep going and didn't feel tried. My heart was done though. I just need to get my fitness back and I should be stronger than last season. Once again, thanks for the fit. I should have come to you the first time...I wish I would of known about you then!"

-- Aaron, road racer

"A million Thanks. I rode today after my bike fitting from yesterday. There was a bigger, better improvement than I could have imagined. I actually felt comfortable for the first time in a while on my bike. I planned on taking it easy, staying in zone 1 for 2 hours. I ended up feeling so good that I pushed it for 2.5 hours. I felt great. The bike handles and rides much better, my body feels great and I am so grateful for your help. I also found that I can spin between 110-110 rpm much easier and also effortlessly. I am excited to gradually start my training back to race condition over the next few weeks. I was surprised by how much difference the right fit can make. I should have been to see you last year. Thank you again."

-- Christopher, road racer


"I was introduced to Dario and Whole Athlete when I moved to California to join ProMan Women's Professional Cycling team. I had heard rave reviews about his bike fitting and their holistic approach to coaching. Having been a cyclist for three years, I suffered from various degrees of knee pain, which I thought to merely be just part of the game. Dario showed me that I was wrong, utilizing minor (but crucial) adjustments to damaging attenuate movement and increased my efficiency. Once I made the trip to The Whole Athlete studio to get my road bike fit properly, I immediately saw results; I felt more comfortable and my upper body was more relaxed. Just as importantly, my knee pain has completely disappeared.

Dario had everything necessary in his studio to ensure that I had an improved bike fitting, the results of which not only felt more natural, but increased my power output as well. Dario understands all the nuances of bike fitting and equipment technology, and he can identify which stems, saddles, handle bars, pedals, and yes, even the type of helmet that will help to make you faster on the bike.

Dario takes an earnest interest in each athlete who reaches out for his support. Last year, I was offered an opportunity to ride on the US National team for the Spring Classics in Europe. A week before I left for Europe, I received my new team bike, and I was not confident in my ability to transfer the measurements from the bike he previously fitted for me onto my new bike. Dario went above and beyond his call of duty; with very short notice he made time in his busy schedule to work with me, ensuring that my new bike fit properly, as to not re-create any knee pain.

Dario's bike fitting resulted in a position that eliminated pain and increased power. I am extremely grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with him, and to be able to take advantage of his remarkable knowledge and attention to detail. "

-- Megan Guarnier, Professional road racer


"On sunday I did 3.5 hrs z1/2 on mostly flat roads. The bike fit is so much more comfortable and safer with handling being a dream. For the first time ever I can comfortably sit in the drops for long periods. Further, while in the drops I can get out of the saddle and push and I feel like my whole body is working in concert with the bike. Great power transfer. And the best measure is that after 3.5 hrs of steady riding I pulled into my driveway and felt refreshed and not all beat up. Very nice!!"

-- Bill, road, MTB & cyclocross racer

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