Peformance Testing


Performance testing
is the cornerstone of the Whole Athlete training program. Whole Athlete founder & head coach Dario Fredrick developed and validated a unique protocol to accurately measure a cyclist's Maximal Steady State (MSS), a real-world, 30-minute performance threshold. The Fredrick MSS test has been scientifically validated using trained cyclists from beginners to elite, establishing the highest level of accuracy and reliability currently available (Fredrick, 2003).

And our racing results speak for themselves — multiple national and state championships, and numerous top finishes at all levels of the sport. Even those with little experience have had outstanding results once they started using accurate training zones. Athletes working with non-Whole Athlete coaches are welcome.

What to Expect From a Performance Test

Testing is performed without invasive or equipment-intensive techniques (no blood sampling or VO2 masks necessary) using your own bicycle with a laboratory-calibrated CompuTrainer Pro ergometer and a heart rate monitor. Following a unique ramp-style protocol where the effort gradually increases until fatigue, power output, heart rate and ratings of perceived effort comprise the data collected.

Each testing appointment lasts approximately 1.5 - 2 hours, including a detailed consultation on what your results mean and how to best use the information to achieve your goals. It's fast. It's fun. And you'll leave with accurate training zones you can use to train smarter.

How To Prepare for a Performance Test

You should be prepared for an MSS test in a similar manner as you would a race.

  1. For accurate results you must be well-rested (no high-intensity training within 48 hrs), well-hydrated & normally fed.
  2. Bring the bicycle upon which you are most well-trained (mountain bikes ok).
  3. You may warm up for the testing session upon arrival indoors out on the road.

Performance Analysis Options

Analysis package:
Performance test +
Precision bike fitting


Maximal Steady State (MSS)
Performance test with full training zone analysis and consultation


Follow-up MSS Performance tests


Running stride analysis
(group clinics available)


Swim stroke analysis
(group clinics available)



Cancellation Policy

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for testing and fitting appointments. The fee for canceling within one business day is $75. Because multiple appointments are commonly scheduled in succession, clients arriving more than 15 minutes late will be rescheduled.

Contact us with any questions or to schedule a testing session.

Performance testing is the cornerstone of the Whole Athlete training program.

About the Maximal Steady State Test

A maximal steady state (MSS) test is a ramp-style protocol that will accurately and reliably predict your true threshold power and heart rate as it reflects real-world performance.

The MSS test protocol was designed specifically for trained cyclists and has been scientifically validated for accurate prediction of 20-30 minute performance threshold.

An MSS testing session takes approximately 1.5 hrs including warm up/warm down and detailed consultation of the results. The test is performed on your own bicycle on a lab-calibrated CompuTrainer Pro 3D stationary ergometer.

HR and power training zones are determined from your unique and current MSS. Post-test consultation defines your training zones, physiological adaptations when you train at the defined levels of intensity, and how to apply the information to your training.

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