Sports Nutrition for Whole Athletes


An athlete's nutrition can mean the difference between peak performance and sub-optimal energy and recovery. A nutritional analysis from Whole Athlete can help you put more energy into your training sessions, maintain a healthy weight and get ready for your peak season goals. We emphasize whole foods, lots of fresh fruits and veggies, and an appropriate balance of carbohydrate, protein and fat. Each customized nutritional assessment is sport-specific and geared to your specific needs. Nutrition guidelines are easy to follow and realistic for your time, budget and work or travel schedule.

A few of the nutritional areas we address

  • Food value (how many and what types of calories)
  • Balance (carbohydrates + protein + fats)
  • Basics vs. high tech
  • Hydration (mineral balance)
  • Training and Race fuel (liquid, solid, gel)
  • Optimal recovery


Nutritional Consultation - $125.00

Follow-Up Sessions - 1/2 hr $60.00, 1 hr $95.00

Nutritional analysis for Whole Athletes

Whole Athlete provides nutritional analysis for all periods and levels of training, events and competition.

Nutritional analysis for Whole Athletes

Optimize your health and fuel for peak performance.


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