We provide you all the necessary tools to enjoy your multisport experience to the fullest. From the fundamentals of proper running biomechanics, swimming technique and bike positioning to individualized training programs, sports nutrition and mental training, our holistic approach can help optimize your performance.

Whether you are looking to complete your first triathlon or set a PR in your next Ironman event, we can help. Our experience ranges across all levels of athletes. And for clubs, teams, and groups we offer group coaching plans, clinics and workshops to best prepare for specific events.

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Triathlon bike fitting

Tri Bike Fittings – Optimize your position on your current bike or let us help you select the right new bike based on your body's positioning and mechanics. We don't sell bikes, just optimal fitting and advice. More >

Running Technique – Balanced biomechanics and technique are the foundations of running fast, efficiently, and injury-free. More >

Swimming Technique – Maximize your efficiency in the water with increased propulsion and reduced drag. Smoothness and glide are emphasized in our approach to distance freestyle technique. More >

Multisport Coaching & Training Plans

Triathlon coaching, transitions and equipment advice

Our training programs are individualized to each athlete. With your input, we create a specific and unique training plan to help you best prepare for you target events and to reach your goals. We offer both heart rate- and power-based training for the bike, HR-based training for the run and interval-specific & technique-focused swim workouts.

Go here for a detailed summary of our training program options & pricing.

Technical Support

No, we're not a call center in some other country, we are experienced athletes ourselves providing practical advice and guidance in the technical aspects of your sport. Triathlon can be a complex multisport with dizzying details. We can help guide you through with success.

Wetsuits, wheels, water and gel, aero bars, helmets and quick-lace shoes - nutrition and gear choices abound. Gain expert level advice in your fuel and equipment choices. Contact us today!

Triathlon coaching, transitions and equipment advice
Multisport & triathlon coaching

Improve your technique
– and enjoy your sport to the fullest.

Satisfied multisport athletes

"I just wanted to send you a quick thanks for doing such a great job on the bike fit. I appreciate that you listened to my need for increased comfort on the bike. The result has been a much more fun and painless ride and greatly increased performance too.

Within a couple of weeks of the fit, my sustainable power for an hour increased by over 10% and has continued to move upward since then. From a performance standpoint, the benefit is two-fold:

1. Mechanical efficiency has increased which has led to greater sustainable power AND

2. Being comfortable on the bike has made it much easier to train near threshold pace for long periods of time which also has lead to greater sustainable power.

Thanks again. I couldn't be happier!"

-- Harold, multisport athlete


"Before coming to Whole Athlete I thought I could manage the multisport lifestyle and coach myself. As a result, without understanding the concept of periodization or trusting the benefits of tapering, I went into each event physically exhausted and mentally fatigued. My performance suffered and so did my love for triathlon.

Immediately coming into WA Dario completed a performance assessment, bike fit & swim stroke analysis. Then I was turned over to the care of Dusty Roady. She took me to the track for a running form analysis and strength training workout that took minutes off my run time. Dusty also recommended several books on how to develop my neglected "mental game".

Working with Dusty has changed my life. She knows her stuff, is a true professional & understands me as an athlete. She knows exactly what to say to challenge, encourage and inspire me. Dusty is always available by phone, email, and appointment. She makes me feel like I am her #1 priority. My training plans are customized at my level-- always challenging and stretching my ability as an athlete. I now go into races fully prepared, rested and motivated to succeed.

Dusty has such confidence in my ability that she encouraged me to try more challenging races. Before being coached by Dusty, I would have never considered doing big events like Escape from Alcatraz & the Ford Ironman 70.3 series. And, I would have never felt the success of accomplishment as I did when I qualified for the 70.3 World Championships in Clearwater!

Thanks to Dario, Dusty and WA I know I will be ready to perform my best at Clearwater and in all of my races! WA has changed me into a complete, balanced, whole athlete. "

-- Jo Ann, multisport athlete

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