Pedal Stroke Analysis

What constitues good pedaling technique? Are you getting the most out of your pedal stroke? How can you improve your biomechanics?

Each of these questions is addressed in a pedal stroke analysis at Whole Athlete. The analysis provides a detailed picture of torque production and distribution throughout the pedal stroke. Using CompuTrainer SpinScan™ technology, we employ a unique protocol based on your individual power zones accurately measured in a Maximal Steady State Test. Because force production changes across different levels of intensity, we examine technique in each of the training zones to target specific areas that can be improved.

The Comprehensive Performance Analysis session takes approximately 2 - 2.5 hours including the MSS Performance test and consultation. A basic Pedal Stroke Analysis takes approximately 1.5 hrs if you already have power training data or prefer to estimate your power zones. A full summary of the analysis is provided showing your "efficiency" scores and power splits in each of the training zones. The test is performed on your own bicycle using a CompuTrainer Lab-calibrated Pro ergometer.

We highly recommend a Precision Bike Fitting prior to performing a Pedal Stroke Analysis. Most biomechanical imbalances can be addressed through proper fit.

Learn more about pedaling technique and biomechanics from our article database. A few examples include:

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CompuTrainer's SpinScan™ analysis provides a multi-color torque graph which represents one full 360° pedal revolution divided into 15° segments. It will identify "flat" or "dead spots" in the pedal stroke where power is not being transferred to the drivetrain.

Graphs show instantaneous right/left leg power split and where power is being applied for greater aid in development of under-utilized muscle groups.


Pedal Stroke Analysis


Comprehensive Performance Analysis

MSS Performance test + Pedal stroke analysis


Comprehensive Biomechanical Analysis

Precision bike fitting + Pedal stroke analysis



Cancellation Policy

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for testing and fitting appointments. The fee for canceling within one business day is $75. Because multiple appointments are commonly scheduled in succession, clients arriving more than 15 minutes late will be rescheduled.

Pedal Stroke Analysis at Whole Athlete Sports Training Center

Pedal Stroke Analysis Protocol provides useful information about the mechanics of your pedal stroke.

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