Precision Bike Fitting

Why fit matters.

It's true that we've fit some of the top cyclists in the country. But you don't have to be a professional to enjoy the benefits of a precision bike fitting at Whole Athlete. The right fit can increase your power, leverage your strengths as a cyclist, help you descend and corner with confidence, and accommodate any injuries or limitations you may have. Even if you're new to cycling, you'll experience a new level of riding enjoyment with a bike position that's biomechanically optimal and uniquely yours.

Shopping for a new bike? Come see us first.

Precision Bike Fitting bike fitbike fit Precision Bike Fit

We help hundreds of athletes dial in the position of their current bikes. But maybe it's time for something new. We can model any new bike option for you and make recommendations based on your position, budget and preferences, including brand, frame material or favorite bike shop.

First we'll fine-tune your current bike, or use our fully adjustable size-cycle to determine the exact position that's right for you. Then we'll provide Computer Aided Design (CAD) models of new bike options, including frame size, components, seatpost, stem, handlebars, and gearing recommendations.

Our goal is simple: to help you choose the right bike with the right fit.

Custom geometry made to order.

Sometimes the right bike is a custom frame. We can design the ride of your dreams with custom build specifications that you can take to your favorite frame builder or bike shop. For those who dream of riding custom titanium or stainless steel, we work directly with three craftsman frame builders, Firefly Bicycles, Eriksen Cycles and Landshark who will create a custom, hand-built work of art that will give you many years of enjoyable and memorable miles.


Our philosophy.

Computer formulas and video capture tools are no substitute for knowledge and real-word experience. At Whole Athlete, we let experience both ours and yours drive every detail of our fitting recommendations. For example, while one goal in cycling biomechanics is to balance the body and work in a more even, bilateral fashion, each foot orientation may need to be adjusted in a different way to achieve that goal.

In addition saddles vary considerably in their adjustability and there are hundreds of options out there. Finding the right one is not only accomplished with precise measurements, but out in the real-world where you ride. Fortunately we stock a wide variety of test saddles so you can be sure your choice is the right one. Handlebars and lever orientation can mean the difference between descending with confidence and creeping around the turns. We are as well-versed in handlebar fitting and aerodynamics as we are in bike handling and riding styles.

For more information about our holistic approach to optimal fitting, check out our articles on bike fitting, fitting feet , saddle choices, and handlebar selection.

Our credentials.

Head Bike Fitter and Whole Athlete Founder, Dario Fredrick has nearly 15 years of fitting experience with cyclists of all levels, as well as 16 years of experience teaching Iyengar Yoga. His knowledge of riders and bodies is complemented by a Master's degree in applied exercise science that also includes formal biomechanics training. In addition, Dario has over 20 years of road and mountain bike racing experience which include eight national titles on the dirt. He coaches some of the most impressive cycling talent in the US, and has volunteered his time to fit junior racers in the NorCal High School Mountain Bike League.

What to Bring to a Bike Fitting.

Bring your bicycle and equipment (shoes, clothing) ready to ride. If you are doing a custom fitting or do not currently have a bicycle, wear clothing appropriate to be measured on a bicycle, and if possible bring your cycling shoes and the clipless pedal system that you plan to use. If you do not yet have clipless pedals, we can help.


Precision Bike Fitting - One Bike

Includes precise fitting of saddle, cleats/pedals and handlebars and full summary of fitting measurements. Time Trial fitting scheduled separately (or add $150 as second bike - see below).


Precision Bike Fitting - Two Bikes

Includes all bike types except time trial/ triathlon - for each additional beyond two add $75.


Precision Bike Fitting for New Bike Purchase

Includes full precision fitting on current bike or accurate modeling using our size-cycle, up to three BikeCAD modeled new bike options, and follow up fitting with new bike.


Precision Time Trial/ Triathlon Bike Fitting

Includes initial fitting and one follow up session. For your current bike or if you're looking to purchase the right bike with the right fit.


Precision Time Trial/ Triathlon Bike Fitting

As second bike included in precision fitting appointment.


Precision New Bike Purchase Options - Post-Fitting

Up to five CAD modeled new bike options for fitting clients post-fit.


Precision New Bike Purchase Options with Follow Up Fit - Post-Fitting

Up to five CAD modeled new bike options for fitting clients post-original fit, plus follow up fit on new bike.


Precision Custom Bike Fitting

Full fitting for custom geometry design. Includes ready-to-build design and follow up fitting with new bike. For custom design ready to build from existing fit: $95.


Comprehensive Fit & Biomechanical Analysis

Precision bike fitting + Pedal stroke analysis.



Cancellation Policy

We have a 24-hour cancellation policy for testing and fitting appointments. The fee for canceling within one business day is $75. Because multiple appointments are commonly scheduled in succession, clients arriving more than 15 minutes late will be rescheduled.


"I just got back from a 70 mile ride in my new position on the bike, and it was AWESOME!!! Raising the seat height feels so much better. I feel like I gained 3 inches in leg length and a ton more range of motion in my hip! Also, the handlebar change is huge. I feel more balanced between my pelvis and hands for sure, and it's much more comfortable as well. I noticed I even rested on the hoods more often than I ever have. I really want to thank you for your help yesterday (now I could really kick myself for not doing this earlier). You are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and well regarded for obvious reasons. I will be back as soon as I get my new bike : )"

-- Tanya, road cyclist and runner


"I did a 2.5 hr ride on my cannondale yesterday that you fitted me on and wanted to report back to you that I couldn't be happier with the way the bike (and I) felt. I felt very relaxed and fluid. The descending was great- you fixed that sketchiness feeling. And my position when out of the saddle for sprint in drops or on hoods for hill climb felt right on as opposed to before. Feet feel good- had the sensation that the cranks were too long before but now there is much less of a dead spot feeling on my pedaling. Also I was very, very comfortable and I believe this will make a difference in my performance. Only the muscles that needed to be working were active- great smooth feeling to have. Dario, I think you are really good at what you do! I can't understand how such seemingly small movements can make such a big difference, but I'm glad they do. Thank you very much for your great job. And congratulations to me on a new bike that feels fantastic!"

-- Sonja, road cyclist


"Dario was recommended to me this winter when I was in the Santa Rosa area for some winter training and was having some knee problems. He did a great job assessing my position on the bike and addressing my knee injury. His wealth of knowledge coming from many angles allowed him to isolate my positioning problems resulting in a proper bike fit..."

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-- Anthony Colby, professional cyclist


"The first time I went to Dario I did not know what to expect. I didn't realize how professional my bike fit was going to be untill he started to point out and fix all these little tweaks that I had not known about. He was very precise with every thing and on my first ride after my fitting I had never felt so relaxed and comfortable on my bike. I recomend Whole Athlete to evryone!"

-- Sean, road and MTB racer


"On sunday I did 3.5 hrs z1/2 on mostly flat roads. The bike fit is so much more comfortable and safer with handling being a dream. For the first time ever I can comfortably sit in the drops for long periods. Further, while in the drops I can get out of the saddle and push and I feel like my whole body is working in concert with the bike. Great power transfer. And the best measure is that after 3.5 hrs of steady riding I pulled into my driveway and felt refreshed and not all beat up. Very nice!!"

-- Bill, road, MTB & cyclocross racer


"I'm not a competitive cyclist, so I was a bit apprehensive about going to Whole Athlete for a bike fitting. All those racer types who are young and strong don't quite match with a middle aged female. A cycling friend recommended Dario, so I decided I'd spend the money, even though I had previously paid for a professional bike fit elsewhere and still had lots of discomfort on long rides...

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-- Judy, road cyclist


"My road bike feels great. The knee pain I was beginning to have is completely gone. My back and shoulders feel more comfortable and supported. My saddle height feels so much more comfortable and efficient. The cleat positioning is more comfortable for my ankles and knees. All in all, I love the fit. I feel more confident, powerful, and comfortalbe on the bike."

-- Christina, junior road & track racer


"In less than one hour, Dario systematically changed my life. As a 50 year old who has been on a bicycle 45 of those years, I never could have imagined how much a bicycle that has been properly fit would impact the way I view an activity that I cannot live without. My commute to work in SF normally takes 1 hour from Marin. Today, I shaved 15 minutes off my ride after my fitting yesterday. I arrived fresh, without an aching back and shoulders. I cannot thank you enough, Dario! "

-- Bryan, road cyclist


"I've been riding the new fit for a few weeks now and it feels awesome. I definitely feel like my legs are more productive, and the larger muscle groups are working. My knee pain is also going away. I've been stretching like you showed me, and I took your advice and went to Edith Chan for acupuncture, and she put some things in focus for me that I hadn't even thought of. Thank you very much for the great work."

-- Igor, multisport athlete


"Thank you for the expert fitting. I rode 14 miles with my husband yesterday and all the problems I had experienced prior to seeing you had disappeared. My feet and fingers did not go numb and my forearms, shoulders, and upper body were so much more comfortable. What a relief! I had no idea that riding could be such an enjoyable experience. Now that I'm not in pain, I'll be out on the road more often. With gratitude,"

-- Torri, recreational cyclist


"Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks again for my bike fits. Especially my TT fit. This past weekend I raced the Madera stage race in the Elite 3's and won my TT race. I felt really good on my bike and accomplished what I set out to do this year. My road bike is feeling really good too. One goal down and many more to go. I can't tell you thanks enough! "

-- Aaron, competitive cyclist

  Bike Fitting from Whole Athlete

You and your bike are an integrated system -
a holistic union of human and machine.

Don't just take our word for it...

"I was introduced to Dario and Whole Athlete when I moved to California to join ProMan Women's Professional Cycling team. I had heard rave reviews about his bike fitting and their holistic approach to coaching. Having been a cyclist for three years, I suffered from various degrees of knee pain, which I thought to merely be just part of the game. Dario showed me that I was wrong, utilizing minor (but crucial) adjustments to damaging attenuate movement and increased my efficiency. Once I made the trip to The Whole Athlete studio to get my road bike fit properly, I immediately saw results; I felt more comfortable and my upper body was more relaxed. Just as importantly, my knee pain has completely disappeared..."

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-- Megan Guarnier, professional cyclist


"I believe Dario has given me the gift of cycling back.

The very next day after my fit, I was able to ride 40 miles without knee pain. You see, I had successful knee surgery back in July 2010 for a torn meniscus and runner's knee. However, I was still experiencing anterior knee pain while riding anywhere between 8 and 19 miles post surgery. The doctors didn't know what the pain was from, but Dario had an educated thought or two on the subject..."

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-- Mo, road cyclist

"Over the winter, Dario and I decided to really fine-tune my Time Trial position. After several sessions of working with my inflexible body, we were able to get my position dialed in. For years I struggled with saddle height and bar drop, both of which were causing me great hip pain. We developed a position that is powerful and fast, and most of all pain-free..."

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-- Steven Cozza, professional cyclist

"Hi Dario - I have been meaning to write to you for quite awhile but keep forgetting. I just wanted WHOLE ATHLETE" | Precision Bike Fitting for Road, Mountain, Time Trial, Triathlon, Cyclocross & Trackto let you know how much I love my bike now! It feels like a completely different bike...and, the best part is that I have no more knee pain and my toes do not get as numb as they used to. Also, since you changed out the stem and moved my handlebars, I love riding in my drops and it has helped me improve my descents a great deal. I rarely used them before...they just didn't feel right. But, now that is where I spend most of my ride. I feel much moreconfident going down Diablo now!..."

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-- Janet, road & multisport cyclist

"Thank you for the amazing experience yesterday during my bike fitting -- for the abundance of information, your expertise, and all the time you spent with us.

I took my bike out for a ride this morning and was really amazed how good I felt. My upper body felt sooo relaxed. I think I have been fighting with my positioning on my bike (straining to conform to the wrong position). I had relaxed shoulders, chest felt more open and did not have to constantly try to settle my shoulders as they were already down. I am certain my neck and shoulder discomfort will go away because of this. Also, I didn't need to adjust my body position at all. I just sat in the right place and pedaled on without any readjusting - amazing..."

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-- Sonja, road cyclist

Bike Fitting from Whole Athlete

Whether you're a world-class professional or beginning cyclist, everyone deserves a good fit!

"When riding for a professional cycling team, bike sponsors change from year to year. Also, as a multi-discipline cyclist, I have more than one bike that I ride on a regular basis. It is so comforting to know that I can take my bikes, whether road, time-trial, mountain or track, to the Whole Athlete Performance Center and trust that I the best possible bike-fitting done..."

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-- Shelley Olds, professional cyclist


"After months of knee problems on the bike I sought out experts in the field of bike fitting and sports medicine. I was fitted and treated by three different, well-known professionals throughout the country. While I respect their experience and knowledge, none were really able to help me with my knee problems, and I never felt quite right on my bike. Finally, I was referred to Dario Fredrick of Whole Athlete. His no-nonsense, practical approach to bike fitting made him my last stop. Dario was able to fix my position and help my knees! I have been pain-free and loving the bike since. Thank you!!"

-- Ken, road & MTB cyclist

"I just wanted to send you a quick thanks for doing such a great job on the bike fit. I appreciate that you listened to my need for increased comfort on the bike. The result has been a much more fun and painless ride and greatly increased performance too..."

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-- Harold, multisport athlete


"Let me just say....Holy Crap! It feels like I'm riding a whole new bike. The hamstrings at the tops of my knees don't burn anymore and I actually feel all the leg muscles engaging. Funny how that works when fitted properly..."

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-- Aaron, road racer

"I wanted to write to check in via my bike fit I did with you about one month ago. It's really making a difference. I feel comfortable and powerful thus far and the watts are coming back up after several months of little or no riding due to a hamstring issue. Anyways, I'm very happy and confident in your fits and I just want to say thank you again."

-- Nate, multisport athlete


"I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help fitting my TT bike. All your efforts set the stage for a great bike leg at the World Triathlon Championships. I had the fastest bike split in my age group and I had the third fastest bike split out of all the women, 630 of them!

My sincerest gratitude for all your help. It's made a huge difference in my cycling performance. Thank you very much!"

-- Pam, triathlete


"The new position is giving me an extra 10-15 watts right out of the box. Efforts in the flats feel wonderful and i'm naturally gravitating into the drops now. Back/ hips need a little time to adjust, but I think there's no doubt that this new position will ultimately be more comfortable, aero and more powerful. Nice work!"

-- Mark, road, time trialist, MTB cyclist


"I wanted to say thanks for the yoga poses, they're really helping and the bike fits are working out great. I thought I was pretty dialed in before, but pleasantly surprised what a difference your recommendations made. The changes were instantly recognizable. My pedal action felt more fluid and on the road/trail my comfort, power and speed are up..."

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-- Greg, road & MTB cyclist


"I can't thank you enough for this bike fit! I took an extra long way to get back home -- and this is after riding over the Marshall Wall -- because I can't believe how good it feels to ride that bike! I had banished it to local trips only because I was so uncomfortable on it. Now I think I may put the dirt tires back on it and go have some fun!"

-- Katie, road, MTB cyclist


"I wanted to write to you and tell you how things were going with my knee and new fit. After our last session, I took almost two weeks off the bike to let my knee heal. After that, I eased back into riding and liberally used the anti-inflammatory massage oil. That was back in January. At first the knee was still a bit tender, but I have now been riding and racing for the last few weeks, and I feel great. The knee feels strong, and I feel comfortable and powerful on the bike. Thanks for taking the extra time with me to ensure that I could find a cure for my knee problem."

-- Matthew, road racer


"A million Thanks. I rode today after my bike fitting from yesterday. There was a bigger, better improvement than I could have imagined. I actually felt comfortable for the first time in a while on my bike. I planned on taking it easy, staying in zone 1 for 2 hours. I ended up feeling so good that I pushed it for 2.5 hours. I felt great. The bike handles and rides much better, my body feels great and I am so grateful for your help. I also found that I can spin between 110-110 rpm much easier and also effortlessly. I am excited to gradually start my training back to race condition over the next few weeks. I was surprised by how much difference the right fit can make. I should have been to see you last year. Thank you again."

-- Christopher, road racer


"It's absolutely amazing. I feel so much more comfortable... feels like a new bike. Everything feels better...the seat, the pedals, and handle bars. For one thing, I was putting a lot of the weight on the handlebars I'm in perfect you said.."neutral"..."

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-- Victor, cycling enthusiast


"Just wanted to thank you for my bike fittings. I did the Mt Tam Double Century on Saturday and what you did really made a difference. I felt a lot more stable descending and didn't feel like I gave up anything climbing. I really appreciate it, thanks again!."

-- Anthony, cycling enthusiast


"Just wanted to give you an update on the bike fit that you did for me on my road bike and mountain bike...Everything is terrific! I did an 80 mile road ride on Saturday and kicked ASS. I felt much more comfortable on the bike, and was not as sore as I would normally be after riding hard for 80 miles. On Sunday I rode on the mountain and did a lot of climbing. My position felt much more natural and climbing up rocky ridge and rock springs was definitely easier!

Thanks very much for your help!"

-- Tim, road, MTB, cyclocross racer


"I've been meaning to write you for a few weeks, since soon after the bike fit was completed. The bike and the riding and me (!) feel GREAT!! Wow, what a difference. A few items that come to mind immediately: no more strain on the neck -- very comfortable riding; and very comfortable with my hands on the drops and hoods -- no longer need to mostly keep my hands up high on the handlebars. the whole feeling of the ride has a firmness, a tightness that makes it feel like all the movements -- the push on the pedals with my legs, and the pull on the bars with my hands -- have much increased efficiency. It really feels good, optimal. In addition to the comfort and 'good fit' feeling, I've shaved off some time on my commute as well! So, thanks much for the excellent work."

-- Steven, bike commuter

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