Whole Athlete Philosophy

The Whole Athlete advantage

Whole Athlete is a comprehensive, holistic center for endurance athletes of all levels, providing world-class coaching, precision bike fitting, scientifically-supported performance testing, nutritional counseling, sport psychology and yoga. The holistic nature of the Whole Athlete program integrates the essential aspects of optimal performance to help you explore your highest potential.

Our goal is to help you reach your goals while living in balance with other areas of your life such as work, school, family and relationships.

What makes us different

1. Physiology testing

Whole Athlete head coach Dario Fredrick has developed a unique and scientifically valid performance test that accurately determines an athlete’s heart rate and power training zones for cycling. Accurate determination of an athlete's training zones is absolutely pivotal to helping the athlete train and race optimally. This proprietary test was developed over five years and has been used successfully by hundreds of athletes. It is available to all endurance cyclists, even if they are working with an outside coach or coaching service. More >

2. Expert coaching

Whole Athlete offers completely personalized, one-on-one coaching programs with highly experienced coaches. We are not an online coaching service staffed with program writers, but a small group of individuals dedicated to you and your goals. Our coaches not only know how to write programs, they take the time to get to know you, help you develop your strengths and improve your weaknesses, and give you practical, hands-on tools based on their many years of training and racing. We encourage a high level of communication between the coach and athlete.Meet our coaches >

3. Integrative methods

As exercise scientists, we understand that it is during recovery, not training, that the athlete actually becomes stronger. And yoga provides athletes with a 5000-year-old, time-tested method for regaining the balance is so necessary for optimal recovery. As body and mind are inseparable, yoga also helps athletes integrate body and mind so that they can be more successful athletes and people. Combined with our Western expertise in sports psychology, our unique approach gives our athletes a mental and competitive edge. More about yoga >

The Whole Athlete approach

Our goal is to help athletes become "whole" in their approach to sport, wellness and life. Without optimal health in both body and mind, the athlete cannot reach his or her potential. We encourage balance between athletics and other areas in one's life and espouse the principles of yoga philosophy in our approach. These principles include non-harming, truthfulness, self-study and dedication.

The holistic nature of the Whole Athlete program integrates the essential aspects of optimal performance to help you explore your highest potential.

Do you have the desire to become a whole athlete? If so, contact us with your performance goals.

Anti-Doping Policy

Dedication and integrity are fundamental elements of wellness and the foundation for personal and athletic success. At Whole Athlete we respect and encourage these values while maintaining zero tolerance for cheating or self-destructive practices. The use of illegal performance enhancing substances constitutes cheating, can risk one's health and is directly contrary to the Whole Athlete philosophy. Whole Athlete maintains a strict anti-doping policy for both ethical and health reasons. We welcome athletes who share our philosophy.

Mantra of the Whole Athlete

  • In the face of adversity I will persevere.
  • Discipline is quality of focus, not quantity of training.
  • Humility builds self-respect.
  • I am not a passive participant, but an active player.
  • I am strong in my body, my will and my spirit.
  • Although I prepare for the future, I live in the moment.
  • I practice equanimity despite the outcome.
  • Integrity defines achievement.
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